GDIH Group created GDIH First Response and Security Group to serve the humanity in fighting against the spread of the pandemic’s viz., the novel coronavirus (covid-19). GDIH’s founding principles, backed by a noble cause as vision and innovative technology products as mission, is set to turn tables in the epidemic prevention and management across the globe.


One World Express is a leading cross border solutions provider. Our logistics knowledge and strategic partnerships allow us to excel in the cross border arena to provide a first class service and innovative solutions to e-Retailers.




Providing an extensive range of medical devices and technologies for the hospital, emergency, home and specialist care environments.

GDIH’s innovative financial service offering the ‘Bit Minutes Blockchain Program’ offers uninterrupted banking/payment features. The service is developed in order to provide credit and minutes for people who need access to bank/banking facilities required to purchase essential items viz., Medical, Water, Food Supplies etc.

GDIH first response with security deployment plan will efficiently and effectively execute supply-chain logistics to establish and stabilize emergency relief activities during pandemic high-alert situation. The latest technologically innovative products are designed with in-depth knowledge of the global first response teams and their proactive operational modules.

Our Products

GDIH First Response Emergency Kits
‘GDIH’s First Response Emergency Kits’ high-quality PPE Emergency Kits, customized/geared for medical first response teams viz., Health Care Professionals, Front Line Staff, Military and Civil Servants etc.
Covid-19 Rapid Testing Kit
SRAM Acco Covid-19 Rapid Testing Kit for detecting novel coronavirus COVID19 infection, 98% accurate results within 10 to 15 minutes both early marker and late marker, IgM/IgG antibodies in human serum, plasma or whole blood.
Medical Equipment’s & Healthcare
GDIH is the official dealer/distributor for Rebreathers, Oxylators, Ventilators (Philips Trilogy100, Aeomed VG70), Gloves
Bit Minutes Blockchain Management
GDIH Bit Minutes Blockchain Programmeoffers uninterrupted banking/payment features providing credit and minutes for people, also bank/banking facilities to purchase essential items viz., Medical, Water, Food Supplies etc.
For the sake of maritime and land assets, borders and national and international security, the implementation of fast and sustainable maritime, ground and air operations is based on economy, financial, smuggling viz.,
Aircraft and logistics
GDIH in joint-venture with AIM-X to develop and support the expansion of AIM-X to European, Middle East, and Asian markets.The joint-venture will develop, through its new division in air-service and logistics, its own fleet of aircraft for transport of both people and supplies.

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