AIM-X Global LLP

AIM-X Global LLP is a corporation that was set up in March 2020 to compete with 3M. We are part of a Chinese goingconcern, where the main shareholders are the Dong family. Our main holding company is ZhichengKaiyue Investment (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, owned by the Dong Family. The Dong Family has many companies, all healthcare related. PosTel Systems is the sole exclusive distributor globally.

GDIH’s initial product line were epidemic kits, further extending into ventilators and Covid-19 test kits. The company maiden production run was on 6 April, executing a weekly production capacity of 5M packs of emergency kit. All the stages of production follow strict quality control checks, while each individual items are individually vacuum packed in a special AIM-X brand packaging.


PosTel System

The PosTel System’s SPV company (Special Purpose Vehicle) for this project is AIM-X Global LLP, which is owned by BirzhanMukashev. The Chinese company given the Kazakhstan company Postel-Systems and AIM-X Global the worldwide distribution rights; the company is linked to one of the most influential families in Kazakhstan.


GDIH and BitMinutes join the platform for the first response and security, to enable uninterrupted payment services during emergency or crisis situations, when banks are unable to assist clients in a normal manner. The ‘GDIH BitMinutesBlockchainProgramme’ will be integrated with PDP cash system and hospitals for emergency product orders placement.

P2P Cash: Trusted Agent of BitMinutes

P2P, owned by Innovative Fintech provides highly secure, real-time solution to deliver cash transfers and remittance payments in developing countries. Since 2018, P2P is operating as the Trusted Agent Network (TAN) for BitMinutes, growing faster with its existing 1.2 billion consumers.

Main Holding Company: ZhichengKaiyue Investment (Shenzhen) Co Ltd, owned by the Dong Family

Main Shareholder:Honorable Dong Family (

Main Distributor:Postel Systems

Official SPV Company of PosTel: AIM-X Global LLP, owned by BirzhanMukashev, Kazakhstan 

Official Partner: SRAM & MRAM Group (


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