GDIH Group created GDIH First Response and Security Group to serve the humanity in fighting against the spread of the pandemic’s viz., the novel coronavirus (covid-19). GDIH’s founding principles, backed by a noble cause as vision and innovative technology products as mission, is set to turn tables in the epidemic prevention and management across the globe.

GDIH first response with security deployment plan will efficiently and effectively execute supply-chain logistics to establish and stabilize emergency relief activities during pandemic high-alert situation. The latest technological innovative products are designed with in-depth knowledge of the global first response teams and their proactive operational modules.

Our manufacturing facilities and factories in Shenzhen, China are equipped with latest cutting edge technology and professional trained manpower that strictly adhere to the international standards of CE, ISO, FDA, SGS Conformity, Laboratory Product Safety Test Certificates and Technical Data Sheets Compilations.

GDIH’s Product Profile 

GDIH First Response Emergency Kits
Covid-19 Rapid Testing Kit
Medical Equipment’s & Healthcare
Philips Trilogy100
Aeomed VG70
BitMinutesBlockchain Management
Aircraft and Logistics
BitMinutes joins GDIH to become an essential part of the emergency first response and security in regards to payment service during this crisis when banks are not utilizing their assistance to clients in a normal manner we will integrate this with our PDP cash system and hospitals for emergency product placement