Mr. Philip Steven Cabana,
Chairman on Board of Gold Dragon International Holdings Ltd. , is presently the Chairman of GDIH First Response and Security Group, having decades of experience in Media and Marketing, also in heading international organisations to earning national credits, awards and global recognitions. A few worthy mention names in his career span are Pittard Sullivan, One Magazine, The Hollywood Global etc. Mr. Cabana is the driving force behind introducing ‘Global Unity Awards’, a successful collaboration between GDIH and Humanitad as an extended support to the UN ambassadors and key government officials. The Joint Venture is sponsored with the Noble Peace Alumni, The United Nations, The Global Impact Forum and the UN Awards. Mr Cabana also takes up the torch of Mr Knox by becoming the new ambassador for the UK of the Children Peace Foundation.

Mr. Atul Bhakta,


Atul Bhakta is the creative entrepreneur and Group CEO leading the One World Express vision.

A trained and certified accountant, Mr. Bhakta has tactically applied his background in accounting and finance as a solid foundation to shape One World Express as a premier global and cross-border logistics provider.  Mr. Bhakta is a Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) and Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA).

Mr. Bhakta attended Manchester Polytechnic (now Manchester Metropolitan University) in the United Kingdom, where he completed a BA (Hons) in Accounting and Finance.  Originally born in Zambia, Central Africa, Mr Bhakta early on was sent to India to Mayo College, a boarding School and one of the top public schools of India with participating exchange programs with Eaton School of the UK, providing him from a very early age a global perspective.

Atul is an avid sportsman and collector of sports paraphernalia.    Mr. Atul is happily married to Alpa Bhakta and has two beautiful and intelligent young children, a son and daughter.

Sir Naceur Mrad

Vice President of Finance

Sir Naceur Mrad is an experienced senior executive with over thirty-five years of intensive leadership in Europe – Asia – Australia and Africa. These senior management roles in wide range of German and international Groups coupled with his post-graduate academic education, background as IT & Telecom Expert have prepared Sir Naceur Mrad to top management requirements in banking & finance. He has Board-Interaction-Experiences which enable him to make important decisions for final negotiations and coming to agreements.

At the age of 32, Sir Naceur Mrad founded Ingenieur-Büro Mrad “I.B.M” in Germany (IT Consulting), then IT2 Consulting GmbH in Germany as well (Telecommunication Consulting) then IT2 Services GmbH in Austria (Telecommunication Services) and IT solutions S.A.R.L. in Tunisia (Software design and development). He was the General Manager of these entities and doubled their revenues and profits for respectively 15, 10 and 5 consecutive years by implementing his business strategy and his business philosophy. He then founded ITAT Unlimited Communication Pty Ltd & Mobile Franchising Pty Ltd in Australia.

He later held the positions of:

  • Founder & General Manager of ITAT Unlimited Communication Pty Ltd in Australia.
  • Vice-President of Maple Leaf Ltd in Canada and in Bahrain
  • Independent Finance & Technology FinTech consultant
  • Vice-President GDIH First response

Dott. Remus F. Gavrila

Director of Finance and International relationships

I am a Romanian living in Switzerland with my wife, mother in law and 3 children. In 1993 I’ve got my bachelor degree in marketing management and in 1995 I’ve finished my master at the Canterbury university. In italy I got my qualification as court mediator, I work directly for the Italian justice department. Throughout my career, I’ve covered several manager position in companies like Samsung chemicals in Malaysia, Neftegasdetal Russia, Omnia Casa Italy, Rastone Italy, Stone emotion Hungary, Crown financial and holdings Switzerland. I’ve successfully started and conducted some personal businesses, right now our Swiss company is collaborating with GVM Group, a group that has 38 private clinics in Europe with which we will open a private hospital in china and one in Romania. Our company holds tens of exclusive distributions contracts from Italian and Swiss companies varying from wines to cosmetics, medical supplies, high fashion.

Mr.Florent Verberckmoes
Director of Humanitarian, Manufacturing and PPE distribution EU – GDIH _ GDIH First Response and security solutions LTD

Chairman of Children’s Peace Foundation

Presently the Chairman of the Children’s Peace Foundation in the U.S., for more than 34 years a Member and is doing this beside his own work to help for free in the organization like the other members to. The Foundation was Formed 1984 in Los Angeles, California by Peter Georgi, Muhammed Ali, The President of MTV and The President of Nickelodeon.

He is graduated with a Political Doctorate, and he has also a Master of Business and Management. For the last 30 years, he has built a lot of experience in helping organizations and Governments Worldwide. And acted as private trustees for Countries, Corporations and private people.

He has been participating in many Humanitarian and socio-economic causes in some Countries like Venezuela, Philippines, India and some African Countries. He his opening Offices and Branches of the “Children’s Peace Foundation” in many countries around the World to help with local people the need in the Country.

At GDIH First Response he would be bringing in his expertise in the fields of Mergers and Acquisitions and bring in the humane aspect of corporates into the First response division of GDIH.

Mrs Suzy Yeo


Suzy Yeo is a third generation businesswoman in Singapore, with her family hailing from Swatow, China. Suzy was at the helm of one of Singapore’s
largest construction company, Wang Tao
Construction Pte Ltd since the late 90s.
Some of the marquis construction projects
completed include Phase 2 to 4 of Suntec
City developments, Tan Tock Seng Hospital
and Singapore General Hospital.
In recent years, she has been advising and executing some of the major
Smart EcoCities projects to be built in Asia. This has led her to also taking up
key strategic advisory roles in the media and tourism industries.
Suzy has been passionate about preserving culture and religious heritage, a
channel she has used in the media industry. Her vast international experience
in producing, production coupled with her broad range of network/connections
in the movie-entertainment industry enabled her to tap into the global markets
since the late 90s. In fact, she was touted to be the first Asian to have deep
involvement in various media assignments in Far East of China/Japan/Korea,
Bollywood India-Middle East and Hollywood.
She has also been appointed as a Board of Advisor for Special Projects under
the Malaysia Economic Development Council. With the rapid digital
transformation of industries, Suzy has been strategically aligned and invested
in some major digital asset/digital coin & blockchain projects.
Over nearly 3 decades, her international career has lead to building a
significant business network of ultra high net worth individuals, families and
foundations. This has enabled her to link attractive investment opportunities to
investors to achieve out-sized returns. Suzy is actively involved in
humanitarian initiatives globally.
Suzy also specializes in health, hygiene and biomedical infrastructures.
Serving as the business development head of a chain of clinics in Singapore,
she has parlayed this specialization and set up Enviroglobe Technologies, a
hygiene and preventive health initiative that specialises in promoting
innovative and eco-friendly brands to the world.

Mr. Micah Eigler – Director of US Operations. and Global Project Financing for Golden Dragon International Holdings Ltd.

Mr. Eigler has over 20 years International Experience in both private banking and project financing. He has built a rolodex of powerful relationships in many sectors especially in the Energy and Medical sectors. Using these relationships Mr. Eigler is able to strategically assemble Medical products and equipment suppliers in order to help combat Global Pandemics and other large scale Humanitarian crises.

Sir Faisal Rana
GDIH – Director of international business finance  and government affairs 

Sir Rana is a Board member of GDIH Group, as Director of international business finance  and government affairs. Sir Rana has been involve in risk analysis and financial strategy .

Awarded a lifetime Knighthood for rare achievements and unselfish contributions to society
Named the Royal Ambassador-At-Large to Islamic Nations for political and trade alliances with nations for the
advancement and development of the Hashemite Sultanate of Brunei, Sulu, Sabah and their allies
Awarded Lifetime Baron Knighthood for achievements of unselfish contributions to the Islamic world
Named Deputy Grand Master for the Royal Order of Kiram and the Royal Order of Sulu & Sabah



Mr.Charlie Jarvis
GDIH – President of Global Media and Technologies

Mr. Jarvis is a Board member of GDIH Group, as President of Global Media and Technologies. Mr. Jarvis is the Official Board Member of GDIH FIRST RESPONSE AND SECURITY.

Mr. Jarvis has worked with direct suppliers and manufacturers to provide clients with Personal Protective Equipment. Mr. Jarvis deals directly with Suppliers for the equipment and help expedite the process.

Mr. Jarvis has worked with several big organizations in the procurement of different medical supplies which includes Respiratory Masks (N95 and KN95), Hand Sanitizers, Shoe Covers, Test Kits, and much more.


Amani Choudhry
Director – Humanitarian Efforts, Fund Management, Mergers, and Acquisitions – GDIH First Response Group

Born and educated in London, a British Citizen with an educational background in Accountancy and Finance. Now a seasoned International business lady with over two decades of business, property and finance expertise Amani has built an extensive network of bankers, lawyers and business relationships globally. Amani has built a reputation over the years for integrity and business acumen which has earned her the trust of her international clientele.

In 2008, Mayfair Wealth Management launched Remotes, the first $100m Shariah-compliant property fund in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Ameerah, a financial concierge service for UHNW ladies.

A great believer in Humanitarianism, animal, and nature welfare. Amani passionately supports projects such as alternative treatments for cancer, rare and modern diseases. Amani is working to supply hospital ships designed with the latest high tech medical equipment to service areas affected by Acts of God such as Tsunamis, earthquakes, natural disasters.
Together we will make the difference.

HH Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum,

Over the past 25 years, His Highness Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saeed Al Maktoum has been at the forefront of Dubai’s remarkable economic development spearheading the successful expansion of aviation and, more recently, formulating economic, investment and fiscal policies and strategies in support of the emirate’s overarching vision. He embarked on my career in the aviation industry in 1985 when he was appointed President of the Dubai Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) – the governing body that oversaw the activities of Dubai International and Dubai Duty-Free, among others.

In the same year, Emirates Airlines – Dubai’s international carrier was launched with me as its Chairman. Currently the Chairman and Chief Executive of my Private Dubai World Investment company and also Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and group.

Following the restructuring, he became the President of DCAA and Chairman of Dubai Airports. The fact that Dubai is now firmly established as the region’s most desirable leisure destination is due in no small measure to my efforts. Under my leadership, Dubai International has developed from humble beginnings into the world’s fourth busiest airport for international passenger and cargo traffic with a network of over 220 destinations served by more than 150 airlines.

Emirates has grown from being a regional airline with just two leased aircraft and three destinations to an acclaimed international airline with a fleet of more than 150 aircraft and over 100 destinations across six continents. Emirates is today the world’s fastest-growing intercontinental carrier.

The opening of Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai’s airport of the future on June 27, 2010 was another historical moment for Dubai as the first major step towards establishing Dubai as the world’s most preferred aviation and logistics hub.

Mr.Arik Davidi
Director – Defence and Homeland Security – GDIH FIRST RESPONSE

Charmaine and CEO ATLRS GROUP, since 2010.
Honorary Consul of the Republic of Guinea in Israel.

Over fifteen years of vast experience in international trade and transaction with a proven track record of trades with a large range of HLS, Security & Defense, and commodities.

Board member of ISDEF since 2011. ( )

Board member of TRAWW since 2016.

Board member of i-HLS since 2012.( )

Board member and sole representative of FORTS since 2009.

Exclusive Sole Representative for certain countries of BRIJOT USA.( )

Exclusive Sole Representative for certain commodities of the Thai Kingdom.

Managing and Consulting Projects word wide:
Comprehensive up-to-date and innovative operational defensive and offensive solutions for HLS and Safe and smart city situations that combine technologies, intelligence, and command capabilities, police, and special forces.

Chairman & CEO of Holding Company dealing business entrepreneurship including with Energy, Clean Tec Technologies, Security & Defense

2006- Received the sole representative in the world on the commodities in Thailand.

Military Experience

Over twenty-five years of military service, that started as a cadet in the Flight Academy.Graduate Staff and Commander College and later, the Staff and Commander College. Commander in Chief with many operations and fighting activities.

Served as Commander of Tanks division, as well as, Brigade Commanders Course and an Instructor in Battalion Commanders Course.

IDF Representative (1988-1990) in Hamburg, Germany, including studies in the High Academy for War and Leadership, along with high-rank officers from over 70 countries.

2000- Till today – Active Judge in the IDF Court Appeals, a Chairman of the Fellowship.

1996-2000 General inspector IDF, IDF internal Comptroller, Head of Inspection, and Comptrollement Deft. Tank Brigade Commander, a Judge in the IDF Court appeals.

Chairman of the Fellowship.

Mr.Thomas Meredith – Founder and CEO
GDIH First Response and Security Group Director of IT & Technology

Mr. Meredith is the founding CEO of BitMinutes, offering free Money Transfer and Guaranteed Loans to over 4 Billion bank and mobile accounts worldwide using proprietary “SmartToken” technology.

Mr. Meredith started his computer career with Digital Equipment Corporation. His first start-up was franklin Computers, an Apple clone manufacturer, then as Federal Systems Director for Lisp Machine, a leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) company.

After a three-year stint on Wall St., Mr. Meredith founded VoxLink, an innovator of voice mail and e-mail integration. He pioneered one of the first online payment processing systems and consulted both the mortgage and payment processing industries to adopt electronic financial technology (FinTech).

Mr. Meredith is a graduate of the Harvard Business School specializing in Entrepreneurial studies. He was awarded an Engineering Degree from Stanford University. He has working knowledge of French and Spanish.

Captain John H. Kunkel III
Director – Aircraft, and Logistics

Captain John H. Kunkel III has an extensive international corporate and airline business background that spans over 50 years. During Captain Kunkel’s career he has worked closely with corporate and charter flight departments developing FAR 135 / 121 air /ground operational processes and procedures to ensure that all regulator aspects of the company’s flight operation are met. In his early career, he was Gates Lear Jet Senior Marketing Pilot and later became the Chief Pilot for the world’s largest Boeing 747 airline, Atlas Air, where he managed a fleet of 54 Boeing 747 cargo and passenger aircraft, 850 crewmembers and 150 maintenance personnel. A former Navy Seal, Captain Kunkel also served as Atlas Air’s special projects coordinator to the Air Mobility Command during the Second Gulf War. During his extensive career, Captain Kunkel founded Jet Atlantic Charters in Norfolk Virginia; worked closely with Executive Jet Aviation to develop their Lear Jet Charter operation; and, founded Uniglobe Travel, the largest travel agency in South Florida. His flight experience includes over 25,000 hours as “Pilot in Command” in numerous corporate and commercial aircraft. His experience and knowledge of the corporate and niche airline industry provide a unique opportunity for a new streamlined approach to corporate and airline operations.

Mr. Hernan Alberto Cabrera Martinez
Director – Emergency Response Services – GDIH First Response Group

Mr. Hernan Alberto Cabrera Martinez, a Masters in Business Administration Specializing in Law and Finance has worked in the Financial Industry for over 31 years and currently owns his own International Business for more than 8 years and has established himself globally. His fields of Expertise is in Business Finance focusing primarily on (International Banking, Finance, Developing Projects, Project Funding, Trading Programs, Commodities, Importing and Exporting). Currently he is appointed as the Director of Children’s Peace Foundation, Latin America. He has been actively participating in various peace missions across Latin America and other sections of the world. With GDIH First response he has been taking care of all the business development activities, in association with red cross for supplying medical equipment and healthcare services n solutions more precisely the PPE Kits, Ambulance Services etc.

Mr. Rafael Espinosa Romero
Director of Logistics and Intelligence for security in Latin and South America 

Rafael Espinosa Romero, Lic. in Law with MBA in Financial Law, Director in Business People, Founder of Cia . Constructora Caprino, with experience in Criminal Matters, experience in the prosecution of justice (PGR), experience in investigations, CEO in security company Special Forces, Security
Operational Director Critical thinking.

Special Skills
• Weapons training
• Fire warden
• Secret Security Clearance
• Wiring expertise
• Trained in security
• Expert in Firearms and Explosive handling
• Trained in counterterrorism strategies
• Trained in cross cultural communication
Professional highly motivated with years of achievements and field training in
Latin America, South America and Globally dedicated service with the Central
Intelligence Agency. Successful at building strategic partnerships and alliances and spearheading business relationships to achieve beneficial outcomes. Calm under pressure with conflict resolution skills. Security expert accomplished in multiple elaborate, top secret combat and intelligence operations. Active in Top Secret Government security clearance Latin America, South America and Globally.

Mr. Edwin Dennis
Director of Business Development – GDIH First Response and Security Group

Mr. Edwin Dennis was also one of the Organizers and Directors of the Board with Taylor CCSS, Inc. Assigned to FEMA Region VI, to help oversees federal emergency management Covid-19 response for the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, and 68 federally recognized tribal nations.

Mr Edwin Dennis experience providing Commerce Supply Chain Management (SCM) services, the Flow of Goods and Services, including the Flow of movement and Storage of Raw Materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished Goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Decreasing the cost of Purchasing and Production.

HE Amb Karin M D Nagi
Director of Ambassadorial Business Development – GDIH First Response and Security

A prosperous musical career and several international hits have taken Karin Nagi (Dutch/Yemeni origin) around the world. Charity work has also taken her on several international journeys on behalf of children, sick people, animals, and the environment. She is the daughter of an Arab businessman that was one of the first builders of a bridge for business between the west and middle east in the ’70/’80/’90’s and a Dutch singer/model. She has written and performed on charity songs for animal rescues, children charities, and for peace.

Her version of “Testifyto Love” was presented as a gift for peace to the United Nations in 2013.

Mrs ImaJean Nikolich

Director of International business development and Goodwill Ambassador 

Business  consultant for Great Western Empire Corporation and International Business Consultant for Peachtree Rocky MTN Global Link LLC. Accomplished and creative Executive Manager possessing multifaceted experience and proven ability to re-energize and restructure organizations, develop strategic initiatives and capture emerging business opportunities. Results-oriented, decisive leader adept at forging lucrative relationships with key partners, vendors and clients. Recognized for turning around struggling company operations to achieve sustained growth

Bachelor of Arts | Business And Real Estate                                                          

University of Illinois At Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL

  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • Listed in Who’s Who Executive Business Books for 5 years.
  • Internation Business Women’s Group.
  • Meet Up Traveling Group.
  • Member of SCORE with many decorations of Merit.
  • Ambassador to Dene Indian Tribes.
  • Participant in Message to Millions
  • Inter Nations Las Vegas.
  • Founder of Las Vegas Chapter of Women in Film.
  • Reciptant if Gold Medal from President George Bush for State and Community development.
  • Traveled extensively consultanting for New Hotel/ Casinos and State Law implementation. Such as:. Dominican Republic, Croatia, Macau China and Singapor and Malaysia on behalf of zgentling Group ( World Resorts).

Mrs. Janine Moulton
Director of Procurement, Marketing & Charitable Contributions
With a background in fine art investment, Janine has over 25 years of experience acting in both curatorial advisory positions as well as the facilitation of acquisitions for both private and institutional collections.

She also has been heavily involved in philanthropic activities surrounding childhood education and assisting underprivileged youth for over 20 years. Janine has experience building in-classroom libraries in financially challenged areas, running fundraisers, increasing literacy in communities of need and developing long-term programmes for the continued aid of youth.

Understanding the need of approaching the global health crisis in a philanthropic manner, she began working within the PPE market, predominately focused on the large-scale allocation of goods to global institutions such as government entities, hospitals, and private health care facilities. Quickly establishing herself as a market leader within the fast-emerging PPE marketplace, Janine provides a VIP service for direct access to 3M factories worldwide as well as private sellers, leading to the expedited delivery of difficult to source goods. In addition, she is able to provide access to other Personal Protective Equipment, including gloves, gowns, various other masks and sanitizers. As the new Director of Procurement & Marketing for GDIH First Response & Security Group, Janine is available to assist you in your immediate PPE acquisition requirements.

Mr.Michael Khait
Director – Compliance and Legal – GDIH First Response and Security Group

Dynamic, resourceful, results-oriented business development C-Suite Executive with 22+ years experience in technology innovation, business development, and management consulting to clients in Aerospace, Defense and Energy sectors. Skilled in M&A transactions, joint ventures and partnerships. Proven leader with a track record of delivering transformative business outcomes. Built 12 successful industry partnerships, 6 of which involved Fortune 500 companies; commercialized 60 disruptive technology innovations. Unique combination of strategic management and operational execution in diverse and complex markets allowing for significant value-driven growth. Managed accounts of Tier-1 international customers, including Siemens, Vivendi-Universal, Israeli Aircraft Industries (IAI), Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and ABB Group. Recent successes include partnerships with Arthur D. Little, Advanced Logistics for Aerospace, Stucky-Gruner, Poly Group, CNEEC and many others.

Mr.Hussein Abu Hassan

Director of Business, innovation and Technology Development – GDIH First Response

Lifelong entrepreneur, with diverse background in building businesses from ground up.Currently stewarding the global growth of the next great digital technology industry.

Founder and CEO
BeMotion Inc
Oct 2016 – Present (3 years 10 months +)
BeMotion Inc . Behind The Most Recognized Mobile Commerce Platform Company, which owns the popular
(MCN) Mobile Commerce Network Platform, we are expanding into the enterprise’s market and investing
in other technology companies. We’re partnering with Media Companies, B2B, Telecoms, Banks, Retailers
and loyalty & Rewards program operators among others to deliver the next generation of engagement and
discovery in mobile.

Founder and CEO
DCN Vending & Marketplace
Sep 2019 – Present (11 months +)
A North American subsidiary of BeMotion Inc. Established 2018 Provides complete digital advertising and
digital vending machines distributed in 5000+ locations serving a wide range of high standards of CBD,
Hemp, health & fitness products.

Charles Vincent

Director of European Business development and finance in precious metal and commodities

Charles Vincent has a long-standing career and a great deal of experience in all aspects of commodities, futures and physical, derivatives and structured products with particular emphasis on non-ferrous and precious metals. He has been an active LME ring-dealing member and trader of the London Metal Exchange.

He has worked internationally for a number of the leading banks and institutions such as Standard Chartered Bank, DLJ, and Mocatta & Goldsmid one of the London bullion fixers.

He also has extensive knowledge in the field of oil and gas and is a part owner of two power generation plants in the east of India.

Whilst at DLJ, he was responsible for advising many institutional clients, such as ALCAN ALCOA, BOEING, KAISER and worked closely with a US government agency Bonneville Power Authority (BPA).

After DLJ Mr. Vincent joined Credit Lyonnais to develop their international commodities activities and created a joint venture company with the French Bank called Winchester Commodities Group.

As such Mr. Vincent is involved in many development projects, both upstream and downstream for the purpose of assisting in the operations and specifically the management of the marketing of the products and related logistics.

He has expanded these capabilities in recent years to be directly involved in the development and execution of various commodity projects such as Gold, Copper and a number of energy related projects.

Mr.Amadeo Radillo
Director of Business Development – GDIH First Response and Security Group

Experienced Bilingual & Bicultural Senior Financial & Payments Executive & Professional Healthcare Products provider, Accounting, Finance, Payments Products & Business Development with +25 years serving in positions of increasing responsibilities in the Payment Processing through Gateways Systems, ATM & Mobile Banking, Wallets, E-Commerce, Credit/Debit Cards, e-Lending, Leasing, banking and other financial services; most recently in the payment processing service for the Credit Unions market & mobile industry. Results-oriented with a proven record of success working simultaneously with different types of business and country cultures which includes Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru & Uruguay), EMEA (UK, Spain & Ireland), Canada, USA, China and Hong Kong.


George Edde is an investment banker, business and financial consultant who brings his relationships with Hollywood stars and agents as well as his knowledge of financial techniques to the film industry, financial world and oil and gas industry. Upon completing his business management studies at UCLA, Mr. Edde was invited to Saudi Arabia by King Fahd to consult with and advise the King and the Royal Family. After 12 years with the Royal Family in Saudi Arabia, Mr. Edde embarked on various entrepreneurial and consulting engagements. Mr. Edde has throughout the years retained strong ties and relationships in the Middle East.

Mr. Edde’s command of the financing world combined with his marketing and distribution skills and his special relationship with stars makes him perfect for the film industry as well as industries such as oil and gas, precious metals and financial instruments.

Currently Mr. Edde is partners with Max Keller and Micheline Keller in Keller Edde Studios, LLC.


Mr. Edde currently continues with his worldwide entrepreneurial investment and financial active

Mr.Neil Danby
Head of African sales & Operations for GDIH First Response

Neil has worked in Africa for the past 20 years and since 2006 he’s focused mainly on West Africa involving Government negotiations at both State and Federal level and working with the Nigerian Central Bank in designing bespoke investment packages for farmers. His core business is sustainable agriculture with a permaculture ethos developing small community farm holdings to large scale projects of over 10,000 hectares, his achievements in community development earned him the Nigerian title of Chief in 2011.

Neil is one of the founder members and UK partner of MAIS Group Nigeria who are a nation wide farming development organisation designed to support and develop rural farming communities in mechanised sustainable farming the group also operate a “Food for Money Program” in partnership with one of Nigeria’s largest mobile phone operators and are currently rolling out across Nigeria with a goal to support over 5 five million farmers by 2022.

I addition to Africa Neil has vast experience working in Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait & Dubai one of his most memoerable middle east achievements was winning the contract to project manage the Iraqi referendum in 2005 with UNOPS (UN) covering all 18 states of Iraq and managing to achieving a 20% above expected ballot box delivery and zero casualties.