Prefabricated Hospitals

Providing turnkey, comprehensive in house capabilities to deliver healthcare infrastructure worldwide. We have grown into a full-fledged healthcare construction company offering all verticals of hospital construction in- house with its presence in UAE, Oman and India.

We started with our Engineering services from piped medical gas systems followed by Modular operating rooms, and added more product range in terms of medical engineering activities until we would offer “turnkey medical engineering” -all medical engineering activities under one roof.

From shortened project completion to minimal on-site disruption, there are many advantages to choosing modular construction. Modular construction allows greater quality control and streamlines the building process, serving as the clear next step in the age of automation.

Modular building technology enables us to deliver high quality and highly durable buildings in half the time required for conventionally build buildings. Modules once ready can be delivered to the country of choice by air or sea transport.

Its Fixed Costs, Half in Time delivery, Higher Quality and Durability. The same Has been applied in setting up Container Hospitals where utilizing a 20 and 40 feet Containers can be easily converted into hospitals and clinics with all the facilities in place. For Maintenance and Service Our Biomedical Equipment Technician Specialists handle everything from installation and calibration to testing, inspection and repair.


Very Initial Spec of the Ventilator and Capabilities as requested.

In June we can send it across to Hospitals for testing and Approvals.

Per Month 250 Production capabilities.

Conceptualisation & Design


Development  & Construction

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