As the name suggests, ClearWaste™️ is an equipment/product/machine/unit that converts/eradicates/thermally decomposes solid waste into reusable ash in a energy efficient and cost effective manner for governments, societies, industries, commercial establishments and individuals to treat solid waste in an environmentally friendly way and having an alternative solution to current centralized landfills and incineration process/technology.


1. Green: The ClearWaste (solid waste treatment) requires no fuel, and releases zero harmful emissions
2. Low operations & maintenance cost
3. Modular & mobile
4. Self-sustainable
5. Safe & user-friendly
6. Robust
7. Durable


  1. Up to 5000 kg per day
  2. Handles all types of waste except metal, glass, ceramics and construction waste
  3. Can handle moisture content up to 80%
  4. 24/7 operation is possible.
  5. Processing ability depends on the moisture content ratio, state of raw materials and weather.
  6. No need to heat up forcibly to high temperatures by burners which is common with traditional incinerators.
  7. Low running cost as does not require supplementary gas, fuel, diesel or electricity