Reopen your
business safely

Saturn Pass is a solution that allows organisations to re-open and individuals to re-enter the workplace and social venues by proving their current Health Status via our Mobile App. Our end to end solution with Mobile App and Business Intelligence dashboard platform provides an ecosystem that gives businesses the confidence to reopen.


Welcome customers back into your venue safely and quickly

We all want to return to ‘normal life’ while keeping ourselves and others safe. Saturn Pass is a unique mobile app that allows you to do just that by enabling you to share your current Health Status with your employer and our partner venues.

Verify users Health Status accurately and quickly

Saturn Pass is a quick and elegant way of demonstrating your current Health Status

Secure methods of verification

We deliver a robust and secure verification process with Multi Tenant Permissions, Role Based Access, I.D. Check and Device Two Factor Authentication

Works with a range of partners

Saturn Pass is your key to entering safer workplaces and social venues

Testing and Technology ecosystem that makes getting back to normal easy

Saturn Pass is a CE Marked, MHRA(UK) and HPRA(EU) registered, ISO13485 certified and GDPR compliant mobile application that creates the opportunity for users to prove identity and validate and verify their current Health Status.

The solution is delivered via iPhone and Android apps that connect with a powerful Business Intelligence platform.

The key purpose of Saturn Pass is to allow individuals a method of demonstrating their current Health Status in a solution that has the highest levels of technological integrity, fraud prevention and collaboration with medical partners.