GDIH First Response and Security Groupis the official dealer/distributor for Oxylator® designed by CPR MEDICAL DEVICES INC.the exclusive models of available are Oxylator®FR-300, Oxylator® EMX and Oxylator® HD.

The Oxylator®is an emergency resuscitatorspecially designed for first responders. Simple, one-buttonoperation delivers optimal levels of oxygenanddramatically reduces complications associated

Withtime-cycled devices and bag valve masks. TheOxylator®

automatically maintains adequateventilationfor each patient through an advancedpressureand flow sensing system. This patient-responsive

resuscitator assures a constant flow rateandsafe pressure limit during inspiration, andallowsfor passive exhalation.

  1. Reduces the risk of gastric insufflation and barotrauma
  2. common with the use of bag valve masks
  3. Eliminates “breath stacking” associated with time cycled
  4. ventilation
  5. More efficient use of oxygen as power supply
  6. Single use, quick change viral/bacterial filter
  7. Audible and visual indication of airway obstruction
  8. Simple, one-button operation designed for single
  9. person rescue
  10. Light-weight, impact-resistant design
  11. Frees hands to focus on mask seal to improve airway
  12. management
  13. Easy cleaning and assembly
  14. Few moving parts, minimal maintenance required
  15. Manual and continuous cycling modes
  16. FIO of 1.0 during resuscitation

The Oxylator® Oxylator® FR-300, Oxylator® EMX and Oxylator® HDis sold with five disposable filters, one disposable mask, QC report and warranty card.Separate oxygen delivery kits may also be purchased. Please consult with our GDIH First Reponse and Security Group for more details.