GDIH First response & Security Solutions in joint-venture with One world Express Group to develop and support the expansion of One world Express Group to European, Middle East, and Asian markets.The joint-venture will develop, through its new division in air-service and logistics, its own fleet of aircraft for transport of both people and supplies.

The humanitarian mission collaboration in concert with the Humanitad Foundation which is supported by the United Nations, Nobel Peace Laureates Follow Up Program, the Global Impact Forum, and the UN Awards is brought to the joint-venture by GDIH. The mission also greatly benefits from GDIH’s experience in commercial and private charter services in the Middle East and European markets. This supports a Childrens peace fund in development launching food, clothing, and medical relief to various international locations. GDIH will also use its media power through its media.

The company will establish its departments for purchase of needed food, clothing, medical, and related supplies.

GDIH will soon launch in a joint venture partnership with GFR, are creating a turnkey logistics air transport company specialising in healthcare, first response and security.  GFR has operating licenses in the US, Norway and Finland. The company was formed by Captain John Kunkel. Captain Kunkel is a former Navy Seal and the Chief Pilot for Atlas Air. His aviation career encompasses over fifty years. GFR’s management teams concentrates on rapidly developing special passenger and cargo time-sensitive markets, operating flights directly between city pairs not served by existing transportation modalities, to include the US, Africa, Bahamas, South America and Asia. Hospital Special Mission Aircraft.

GDIH will soon list on various stock exchanges through which the joint-venture will have access to 220 global markets to expand the reach of both AIM-X and GDIH.

Sinotrans offers door-to-door express services for parcel and document to destinations in more than 200 countries and regions within 1 to 4 days’ time window. For heavy shipment, we arrange airfreight via direct flights plus door-to-door economic express service. Our services include:

With its sound network, Sinotrans strives to provide door-to-door air freight services worldwide. We offer different types of services based on different transit time to match your time-sensitive needs:

Priority Service
1-2 days from airport of departure to airport of destination, suitable for highly time-sensitive goods, to be despatched on first direct flight or best connection flight available.

Standard Service
2-3 days from airport of departure to airport of destination, applied to customers sensitive about both time and price.

Economical Service
4-6 days from airport of departure to airport of destination, suitable for medium time-sensitive goods. Transit cost will be saved remarkably.

Air Charter Service
Sinotrans has been keeping close cooperation with main global air freight providers to meet customer’s demands for charter services on different routes, with different types of aircrafts and for different air cargos. Charter services contain:

  •  solution design of charter flight
  •  field operation services
  • full dynamic tracing and technical guidance
  • navigation rights, approval of time and airline shipping agent

Cross-Border E-commerce Logistics
Based on our wide overseas network and main transport capacities, Sinotrans is able to provide door to door services for cross-border e-commerce enterprises to fulfill their import/export orders. Our services include overseas warehousing, international artery transportation (air freight, ocean shipping etc.), customs clearance for bonded goods or direct mails, and final distribution to customers. We have competitive advantages in:

  • Providing overseas warehousing in main areas of origin of goods and destinations of consumptions for cross-border e-commerce
  • Realizing 100% information and data exchange with cross-border e-commerce with the support of our strong information competence
  • Guaranteeing artery transportation and transport capacity for cross-border e-commerce through competitive chartered flight or chartered cabin
  • Providing customs services for cross-border e-commerce to clear both direct mails and bonded goods at China’s core experimental ports

The joint-venture will also support commodities for barter trade business between the two companies as well as various other projects in Switzerland and elsewhere.



GOMAIR Sarl, is a freight carrier Logistics Company established under the DRC law in 1992.

Its head office is located in Kinshasa, at 4480 Avenue Militant – Q/Funa C/Barumbu, opposite to Ndolo Airport.

With Focus , We are increasing our efficiency and quality by standardizing processes and reducing complexity, thus facilitating innovative our employees to perform their best.

On the work front, GOMAIR  is a very alive corporation. Its key differentiators continue to be extensive reach, across the complete delivery chain and a service completely centred on the customer.


In view if its objectives and ambitions, the company GOMAIR aims to become the leading carrier of air cargo and passenger in DR Congo to provide a quality service reaching the total satisfaction of our customers. Thus, Reassured by the quality of its fleet, the performance and professionalism of its service, GOMAIR Sarl, regularly serves all major cities of the country.

These include:

  • GOMA
  • BUTA
  • TSHIKAPA and others.

GOMAIR also has the wide experience of doing the International flight. It has done many international flight for private and Government of DR Congo for the following destination.

  • Central Africa (Bangui)
  • South Africa (Johannesberg)
  • Nigeria
  • Uganda (Entebbe)
  • Angola (Luanda)


GOMAIR Sarl currently has in its midst a fleet of 3 Boeing type aircraft; it is:

  • 737-300 full cargo with a capacity of 22 tons with new engine
  • 737-300 quick change with a capacity of 22 tons
  • 737-300 quick change with a capacity of 22 tons

Eastern Road Logistics, a leading market player in the Freight Carrier business segment in East Asia, started its journey from 2013, providing a complete suite of packages of customs brokerage, transportation and forwarding services base on EXW / FCA / DAP / CIP / DDP terms.

Types of services:
– Airfreight delivery
Air transportation is carried out in all directions, including interline agreements
• Cargo charter flights;
• Shipments on regular passenger and cargo flights;
• Daily monitoring of cargo / tracking;
• Pre-notices about cargo arrival;
• Delivery of export-import cargoes till consignee;
• Cooperation with:

Uzbekistan Airways (Uzbekistan) Fly Dubai (UAE)
Korean Air (South Korea) * Lufthansa (Germany)
Turkish Airlines (Turkey) Aeroflot (Russia)
S7 (Russia)

Types of aircrafts:
Boeing 747 | Boeing 767 | Boeing 757 | Airbus 320 | Airbus 310F | IL 76

– Trucking
Our company has possibility to offer trucking for consolidated (LTL) shipments, and transportation by dedicated trucks (FTL) of General, ADR, and Temperature required cargoes for the main routes:

Europe to/from Central Asia CIS to/from Central Asia Uzbekistan to/from Tajikistan

For trucking deliveries the company closely cooperates with European, Uzbek, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Latvian, Turkish carriers.

In addition we can offer service on cargo consolidation in transportation hubs & ports and their local and international distribution from airports of arrival to final destinations. We have gained great experience in transit delivery of cargoes.

arriving to Tashkent (TAS) and Navoi (NVI) airports and its’ delivery to the actual consignees within Uzbekistan and to Khujand and Dushanbe (Tajikistan), Almaty, Astana and Chymkent (Kazakhstan), Bishkek and Osh (Kyrgyzstan), Ashgabat (Turkmenistan)

– Rail freight
Offered services include transportation by wagons and containers from Europe, Russia and China to Central Asia.
• LCL (consolidation) and FCL (full loading) containers;
• Transportation of 20’, 40’, 40HQ containers;
• Providing railway codes on the territories of the CIS;
• ADR cargo transportation;
• Oversize cargo transportation;
• Daily cargo monitoring / tracking.

– Sea freight
• Containers and conventional cargo delivery from/to any sea ports;
• Branchy systems of agents in sea ports (Russia, China, Turkey);
• Delivery experience on FCA / FOB terms by sea – inland routes;
• Transit documentation;
• Daily cargo monitoring / tracking.

– Project Cargo Forwarding
• Creation of logistical scheme for forwarding complex project equipment;
• Coordination and monitoring of cargo movements;
• Forwarding documents processing and customs clearance;
• Cargo insurance.

– Heavy Lifts and Oversize Cargo
• Obtaining the permissions from the respective authorizing bodies;
• Special escort, cargo lashing and rigging;
• Survey on possible transportation modes;
• Mobilization of specialized cargo equipment.

-Dangerous Cargo
• Experience in organizing the transport of dangerous goods on all types of transport;
• Issue Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD).

– Storage and warehousing
• Open and covered storage facilities, access railway spur tracks are available;
• Bonded warehouse facilities.

– Integrated logistics services
• Local consolidation and distribution of cargo;
• EXW / FCA / DAP / CIP / DDP delivery service on all types of transport;
• Customs clearance at origin & destination, transit customs formalities;
• Possibility to arrange security/convoy during transportation;
• Insurance of cargo at world known and domestic insurance companies;
• Consulting services on:

– customs procedures issues
– logistic scheme and documentation processing

DEAR Mr. PHILIPPE CABANA, GDIH First Response Security Group, BeAir is very proud to be part of your group of companies, adding our ships, air cargos, airplanes, facilities, high quality logistic management to your group and services to the humanity.

Founded in 2004 BY SIR ANGEL HIGUERAS (DUKE OF AMAFI) and MIKI MINGUEZ, aviation engineer, BeAir is leading the Aviation worldwide VIP transport, Medical aircraft and commercial aviation.

BeAir will support your group and clients in the air side of the world, regardless what your needs are. BeAir have a lot to say in this business. 100% oriented to aviation and trained aviation professionals. A worldwide network with more than 1000 pilots and airplanes to our service.

Miki Minguez founded BeAir in 2004 and has spent 20 years of his life dedicated to the aviation industry. 10 years devoted to air crew as a pilot and 10 years promoting and constantly improving the meaning of aviation. Miki holds an EASA Crew license (ATPL/Fi) with a large variety of aircraft under his Hands. A true professional with one goal in mind: “to keep your world flying”.

BeAir is a company providing a single access point to the end customers. Our synergies and know-how within the different fields of expertise help bring the best of both worlds under one roof. We are a stronger business with the values and personal attention that end-customers deserve. BeAir mean aviation and we strive to provide the highest level of support. No matter what you require, we are here to answer all your aircraft sales needs, aircraft management or IT applied to aviation.