GDIH’s innovative financial service offering the ‘BitMinutesBlockchainProgramme’ offers uninterrupted banking/payment features. The service is developed in order to provide credit and minutes for people who need access to bank/banking facilities required to purchase essential items viz., Medical, Water, Food Supplies etc.

GDIH BitMinutesBlockchain delivers affordable financial services to 4 billion consumers globally. The concept of BitMinutes was developed as an asset based crypto currency, by Harvard Business School and Stanford Engineering educated management team. BitMinutes value is determined by the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) price indicator. With the growing widespread usability and potential, BitMinutesBlockchainProgrammes is expected to become the first truly global currency used by 4 billion people.

GDIH BitMinutesblockchainoperates with strict adherence to global bank Standards (Swiss ISO Standards, SWIFT, MasterCard), permit these new benefits. Other offerings of GDIH BitMinutesBlockchain offerings are:

  1. 4+ billion Mobile Consumers: to pay for or “top-up” their prepaid phone bill
  2. FREE Money Transfer to these same 4 billion consumers
  3. Profitable micro-loans to these under-banked consumers
  4. Cash Delivery in 16 Countries, 1 Billion Bank accounts:Equity Bank and P2P Cash, Global P2P Cash Virtual Private Network, developed by BitMinutes parent company
  5. Compatible global Financial Network: SWIFT bank network, MasterCard global network and the Ripple and Ethereumblockchain networks
  6. Job creation from the Trusted Agent Network or TAN
  7. Global Consumer P2P Lending enabling:
    1. Guaranteed $5 Loan- Establishing consumer credit
    2. Akon Sponsorship of Green Energy Project development
    3. Monetization of Artisanal Mining
  8. Global Virtual Private Bank (VPN) Network
    1. Central Banks- Kenya, Guinea, Kazakhstan
    2. HSBC in US, Russia and Mexico
    3. Kenya– Equity Bank
    4. Russia– RFI Bank
    5. Cambodia– BIC Bank
  9. VPN Bank Network Technology
    1. Global ISO Bank Standard- ISO 20022
    2. Current Settlement Integrations:
      1. SWIFT
      2. MasterCard
  • Ripple and EthereumBlockchains
  1. 4 Billion Potential Mobile Wallets