GDIH First Response and Security Group is the authorized official global distributor of Meditech Glove SdnBhd (Meditech Gloves) previously known as Best Putra Gloves (BPG) was established in 2003.  With 184 trained professional employees, Meditech Glove is a manufacturer of medical latex & synthetic gloves of the highest quality and in the process of establishing final approvals with the established registered device FDA and  CDC Government agencies.


GDIH promotes these exclusive gloves:

  1. Surgical Gloves – Powdered & Non Powdered (Fully Sterilized)
  2. Examination Gloves
    • Examination gloves two types.
      1. Examination powdered
      2. Examination non powdered
    • Sizes are small ,medium , large in extra large
    • They come in 10O pieces in one dispensable boxes.
    • 10 boxes in in one carton.
    • ( 1000 gloves ) per carton
    • Price usd 35 dollars per thousand non powdered .
    • Powdered gloves usd 33 dollars per 1000 pieces
    • This is for examination gloves.
    • One 20 fry container u can load 1001 carton equivalent 1.1 million gloves
  3. Nitrile Gloves

The automated state-of-the-art production facilities ensure best quality gloves, winning ‘Best Quality Gloves in Malaysia’ for 3 consecutive years (2012, 2013 & 2014) from the Rubber Research Institute Malaysia.  Recently, its UK based company was awarded by National Health Service (NHS) in England and Ireland.

We comply to Good Manufacturing Practices QSR CFR 21 Part 820 & ISO 13485. We adopt to World Class Manufacturing (WCM) concept and improving product quality, and reducing manufacturing cost through Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Lean Six Sigma (6Ơ).

GDIH and Meditech Gloves are capable of executing bulk order of Rubber Gloves, from the 8 manufacturing lines with maximum production capacity of 1.2 billion pieces of gloves annually.


Nitrile Gloves

These Nitrile Powder Free Gloves are non alergenic, very comfortable and choice of surgeons, nurses, specialists, gynecologists, dentists, eye surgeons. The reason they are very dexterious and precise in delecate procedures.

They are packed 100 pcs per box or 50 pairs