For the sake of maritime and land assets, borders and national and international security, the implementation of fast and sustainable maritime, ground and air operations is based on economy, financial, smuggling viz., technical smuggling, illegal weapons and kidnapping drug users, firefighting equipment etcand the prevention and prosecution of all criminal asset and illegal activities withing and outside given specific borders of operations.

National and international fraud in IT and bank financial systems should be treated as a priority area. One of the most important tasks of the future is the abuses of these areas, the corruption and appearance of economic and financial transactions and detection.

It must be treated as an outstanding task: cooperation with the population through the help of the EuropeanAuxiliaryPolice Association Central head office. There must be close links between government forces, including private security groups, private and government investigators, security guards, private individuals, private bodies, councils, concepts, systems, policies of the contract countries and the presidential bodyguard, the VIP DefenseForces in the country and the abroad alike

Potential Markets:

Brijot has developed innovated and high technology products to address the needs of different maret segments.

  1. Critical infrastructure
  2. Mass transit
  3. Customs & border Enforcement
  4. Events &Enterntainment
  5. Loss Prevention
  6. Work Force Violence
  7. Narcotica Detection
  8. School Safety
  9. Mine Theft Detection
  10. Aviation Security
  11. Prisons
  12. Place of Worship
  13. Others

Prestigious international clientele:

Our defense solution are successfully implemented and used by government and private sector clients across the globe, the  names of our prestigious clientele are

  1. US Army
    1. Canary Wharf, London
    2. VIP Palace Arab State
    3. Presidential Residence Arab State
    4. Bermuda Customs
  2. Nuclear Power Plants, Russia
  3. Petrochemical complex Major African Country
  4. Pakistan Major Government Building
  5. Presidential Residence, Central Asian State
  6. Saudi Arabia Customs
  7. Prison Curacao Installation Technologies
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