The product consists of a very effective and proven biocide which has FDA approval and kills fungus, bacteria , and viruses on contact. It is harmless to animals and humans and is dispensed by our biofogger which breaks the biocide down to the size of two microns.

This fine fog does not wet the surfaces of wall floors or furniture, etc..but does kill said microbes on contact.

As importantly, it is not corrosive and at the same time sterilizes not only the air but the air conditioner itself.

As you have observed , this product lends itself to sanitizing various hospitals, public buildings , pubic conveyances , etc

We are currently manufacturing and selling these units. We have a proven track record for efficiency and safety.

We are increasing our production on a daily basis.

Our current capacity is 600 units per month and we should reach one thousand by month’s end.
We can and will ramp up to meet and anticipate demand.

We have also acquired additional factory space and plan to expand our output exponentially. To that end , we are finalizing several funding options for this purpose.

As to cost, the basic unit depending on size , and which would include the biocide producer and the biofogger would range from $15,000 to $20,000 per set

That would contain a reasonable profit margin and could serve the basis for a wholesale price to our distributors

Once again , these prices would vary based to some degree on demand and volumes involved.

Items 4 through 6 present no problem but we could use the benefit of additional information as to how this would be implemented.

Perhaps you could send us an exemplar of your standing agreement.

Once again, we look forward to our meeting and working with you and your fine organization.

Mr. Jim Aamodt who is the president of our company is a pioneer in the area of fogging and has designed and patented the most effective and efficient satirizing method that knows no peers.

As an aside , I would comment on servicing the mentioned subject airlines.

We have developed a sanitizing corridor which we fog and through which passengers and crew walk before boarding their plane; the plane itself has already been sanitized and sterilized by the ground crew utilizing a biofogger which remains at the airport.

In addition, we have a miniature fogger aboard the airplane which on a timer basis would be activated to issue forth a refresher boost of biocide which would take care of any pollution caused be any passenger sneezing or coughing.

The net effect would be that that airplane would quite literally be the safest place in the world!

Such a situation could very well help restore the airlines to be able to once again provide an essential service in as safe a way as is possible.

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