Coronavirus: Recruiting Startup Innovation. IHLS Looking for New Technologies to Cope with Coronavirus

The State of Israel is making all the efforts to block the spread of the coronavirus. Now, iHLS is addressing the technology and startup community in order to find innovative technologies that would help defeat the coronavirus and prevent its further spread.

iHLS Group is looking for startups and potential technological ideas. The Group has extensive experience in the development and acceleration of startups, both within the framework of the INNOFENSE security-civilian innovation center it operates in collaboration with DDR&D and through iHLS Security Accelerator that is currently leading its seventh cycle.

The effort is at the national level and not necessarily at the defense level. 

We are looking for any idea, in Israel or in the world, which can be swiftly applied in Israel in order to confront the virus challenges to the Israeli economy and society.

iHLS Group said that this call for proposals is open to any idea, yet they stress the importance of finding solutions to the major challenges.

The requirement is for innovation in any aspect of coping with the coronavirus crisis, for example:

  • Coping with strains on communication and networks as a result of intense use for remote work, healthcare, education;
  • Cyber – cybersecurity, countering fake news and mistaken information;
  • Telemedicine technologies;
  • Leveraging crowd wisdom in healthcare;
  • Big data and data mining applications for mapping and prediction;
  • Artificial intelligence applications;
  • Uses of unmanned systems and robotics on the ground and in the air;
  • Prevention of biological terror – intent infection;
  • Platforms for sharing international R&D knowledge

and more.

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